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This is your ambition & motivation

5 steps to a clear ambition and motivation

We believe that your job satisfaction is strongly influenced by your ambition and the things that motivate you the most. The more specific your ambition and motivation, the more capable you are of discovering your ideal career path. In our experience, clearly defining your ambition and motivation is challenging in practice. We are happy to help you with this.

Why are ambition and motivation important?

Your future employer also has ambitions. A match between you and our client’s ambitions is inspiring for both parties. That is why we ask both you and our clients to define your ambitions clearly.

Would you like to learn more about motivation? Watch Dan Pink’s explanation:

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Use the following five steps to define your ambition and motivation clearly:

​Step 1: Describe why you do what you do

The way you look at your current position tells a lot about what is important to you. What excites you? What contribution do you want to make?

Step 2: Describe your unique qualifications

Your unique qualifications describe your unique approach, your talents and your development goals. They help you distinguish yourself from others.

Step 3: Describe the areas in which you want to improve

Work that energises you is work you want to do more often and continue to improve in.

Step 4: Describe your ideal level of independence

What is important to you? Deciding what you will do, as well as how, when, or with whom you will do it?

Step 5: Determine your ambition and motivation

Your ambition is formed by your why and your unique qualifications. Your motivation is a combination of your development path and your level of independence.

What’s next?

Every position in an organisation contributes to achieving its ambition. We call that the job assignment. The assignment that best fits your ideal career path is the one that contributes to your ambition. We explain the job assignment in all our vacancies. What suits you best?

Start determining your ambition and motivation today!

Request our booklet, This is your ambition & motivation, or sign up for an ambition conversation.

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