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It’s time to make a decision!

You are about to take the next step in your career. You may even have multiple options. Naturally, you want to choose the best offer and the best fit. But what does that really mean for you? What makes an offer the best?

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A tough decision

Choosing a new job is never easy. It’s also exciting, as the organisation must choose you, too. Most people like to think their decisions are based on facts—a well-considered balance of all the pros and cons. Consciously or subconsciously, however, the choice is often left to chance. Heads or tails, drawing straws, or even a gut feeling.

When making difficult decisions, it can help to consider a few questions. These questions are the foundation of our approach to a meaningful choice.

1. Which criteria is your choice based on?

There are countless ways to choose “the best position”; the greatest click, the highest salary, the best development opportunities. Before making a choice, decide which criteria are most important to you. Our focus lies on a position that will have the greatest positive impact on your ambition.

2. What perspective is your choice based on?

Everyone sees things from their own perspective. If you discuss your choice with others, they can provide new insights, which helps you gain a clearer impression of the new career move.

We can provide a valuable outside perspective.

3. Are you making an emotional choice?

When meeting new people, it is easy to trust your instincts. That is why the renowned first impression is so important. It is important to be aware of these emotions and discuss them. We are happy to help with this. Experience helps with assessing emotions. By learning systematically, we have experienced which decisions worked and which didn’t.

4. Are you making a rational choice?

In addition to the gut feeling, people also make choices based on rationale. These choices are more reliable but take more time, energy and focus. During our recruitment process, we provide the time and space to allow rational thinking to take charge. Our assessments also offer more in-depth insight and facts.

Make sure you take the best career step.

Our consultants are happy to help. Call us today at +31 88 60 70 100 or fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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