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Return on investment

Have you ever wondered about the ROI of an application process? To us, it’s a very logical question. There is no point considering a new position unless it benefits you, and not just with regard to terms of employment. Every step in your career should be a step closer to achieving your ambition. To this end, we ask the most important question before we get started:

What do you want the recruitment process to accomplish?

This goes beyond just a new job. We look at which position fits you best; in which position can you make a tangible contribution to the company’s ambition as well as your own?

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Result of the match

Our work doesn’t end here. After you start your new job, we will monitor the result of the match. What has really been achieved with your investment in time and effort? At the beginning of our recruitment process, we discuss your ambition and the match with the contribution expected of you in your new position in order to assess this properly.

The first year is important

We stay closely involved in the first year. With your employer, but also with you. The first year is intense and extremely important. This is where the foundation is laid for a successful working relationship. The stronger the foundation, the greater the odds that you will make an important contribution and grow closer to your own ambition. To this end, we plan a meaningful conversation with you and your employer within 6 months and 12 months after your first workday. A meaningful conversation aimed at strengthening your working relationship as much as possible in the first year.

On the agenda

During these evaluations, we discuss two main focuses:

1. The working relationship

The most sustainable relationships are built on trust and solidarity. It is important to strengthen the working relationship during the first year.

2. Your impact on the company’s ambition

Your assignment is part of the plan to achieve the company's ambition. To what extent have you significantly contributed to that ambition and completed the assignment? How happy are you with your new job?

Happy people and winning organisations

There is nothing greater (and good to hear) than that you are happy with your job after the first year and that both you and your employer have grown one step closer to your ambitions.

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