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Did you know that when you start a new job, there is a more than 50% chance that it will end in disappointment within the first year? The reason is almost always an inability to meet each other’s expectations. It’s a waste of energy, not to mention time and money.


Nevertheless, this has been going on for years. Most of the time, you search for a new job is fuelled by dissatisfaction with your current position. You negotiate on the new offer, and you would like to start as soon as possible. Signing your new contract is merely a transaction. The document says nothing about the result and about what you expect your new position to do for you.

Time for a change

At Velde, we believe it is time for a change. Our focus is not on the signed employment contract, i.e. the transaction. The essence of our service is in the investment in the future; an investment with a clear ROI for both employer and employee. “Start with the end in mind”: wise words by Stephen Covey, which we are eager to put into practice.

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The Velde Method©

That is the philosophy of the Velde Method©. Focusing on the end game makes it much clearer what you are getting yourself into. The clearer your ambition is, the clearer the ideal career path to make that happen. However, the match is not an end goal for us. The future often plays out differently than expected, so we continue monitoring the course of events. During the first year, we help you and your new employer to monitor your mutual goals and adjust them where necessary. The logical consequence is a successful employment relationship in our experience.

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