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Contronics Engineering

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Contronics Engineering

Frank Bakker Managing Director

Frank Bakker - managing director

Contronics Engineering is the European market leader in ultrasonic mist cooling systems. The company keeps vegetables, fruit, and other food products fresh. It is good news for the environment as with our sustainable product we are aiming to improve the world.

Less waste and a better environment
We will have achieved our goal once everything harvested is actually served up and eaten fresh. Our mist cooling systems keep products fresh for a long time. They use very little energy, reduce waste, and allow local growers and producers to deliver straight to supermarkets. The result is less wastage and a better environment worldwide. That is our driving force.

Expanding our market
For the first thirty years, our focus was on product development and innovation. Our technology is now rock solid and it is high time to move beyond just the supermarkets. We have the financial resources to achieve the desired growth, clearing the path to attract additional commercial strength.

Egon Versmoren of Velde acted as our sounding board and sparring partner. Together, we established an action plan focussed around two account managers; one for the international market and one for the national market. We have now found an account manager with international retail experience. His 100% focus on sales immediately boosted our turnover. We are now in the process of filling the second opening.

Candidate's ambitionI would like to find new customers

International account manager

Rogier Klein Sprokkelhorst International account manager

Rogier Klein Sprokkelhorst - international account manager

Expand a strong brand and impact
My previous jobs revealed my talent for devising customer solutions for brands and private labels. I want to have an impact on business operations and was looking for a company where I could further expand a brand. Humour and looking out for each other are important to me. That is why I prefer working in a family business to a corporate environment. I need the space to operate and thrive in an open, informal environment in which everyone helps out and there is a good atmosphere.

The match
I had an orientation meeting with Velde before the position at Contronics was available. They established that my wishes, talents, and international retail experience were a match for Contronics’ wishes. There was strong competition in the process.

Room for entrepreneurship
Soon after I started working at Contronics, we had a number of good discussions and immediately took steps in the right direction. I gained their trust and my position has become partially managerial. We are at the start of real growth, so I have been given room for entrepreneurship and the focus is mainly on business development. Everything is focused on achieving that better world.

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