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Client's ambitionI am not satisfied with my agent


Erik Lindeboom Director / Owner

Erik Lindeboom – Director / Owner

A nice place for cows, chickens, and pigs. ID Agro develops and sells innovative stalls which are good for both the animals and the farmer.

Recognised partner for French livestock farmers
Our company is making a name for itself in the Netherlands with innovative stall construction. We have had our eye on France for a while now, a country with great potential. The projects we carried out there were still only demand driven. ID Agro France wants to be more clearly present in the market and become a recognised partner for French livestock farmers. It was time to switch from the local agent to a French employee, somebody who knows the culture and has a network.

The person to help achieve our ambition
Our man or woman in France had to understand French farmers and their needs, and possess business knowledge and experience. After all, we are launching a new business. Anneke van der Pasch of Velde studied our business culture, what we are looking for in an employee and what we expect of him or her. The various rounds of meetings and interviews and the assessment ensured a thorough selection procedure. She found the right French pioneer with a driven personality and a great sense of responsibility. Romain Le Mouel also knows the culture, has knowledge of the agricultural industry and is a team player, a crucial characteristic in a growing company with international ambitions.

In touch with the French market
The current short lines allow us to act fast and adequately. Romain is helping us understand the French legal system and has given us a network of important parties such as cooperatives and farmer organisations, which is essential.

Velde has a professional and pleasant approach. Anneke kept us properly up to date on the procedure. She knows what she is talking about. That was also the feedback we received from candidates and Romain Le Mouel was also positive about the professional approach to our collective process.

Candidate's ambitionI want to set up something new on an international level

Sales Manager France

Romain le Mouel Sales Manager France

Romain le Mouel – Sales Manager France

Working in new markets
After a sales function in the agricultural industry, among others, I was ready for an independent position as sales manager with challenging goals. My ambition is to set up a successful organisation within 5 to 10 years. My interests also reach beyond the French borders through international market research, working new markets, and helping with product development and innovation.

Proactive with own strategy
ID Agro is an SME with quality products and excellent service. The company has a strong drive for innovation, and I feel that colleagues are honest in their dealings with one another and motivate each other. I have the freedom to implement my own strategy proactively, thus improving my commercial skills and efficiency, as well as my proficiency in the English language.

Help with achieving ambitions
This job opening immediately drew my attention by the way it was written. Compared to traditional job ads, the text was clear and compelling. The recruitment process was professional and well-organised. Anneke van der Pasch from Velde is serious and gives you room to show your personality and ambition as a candidate. That gave me self-confidence. I have found a good job in which I can achieve my ambition. I have great expectations for the future.

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