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What does Velde solve?


Around 50% of new working relationships in the Netherlands end in disappointment within the first year.


That's a disturbing percentage. The leading cause: failure to meet the other party’s expectations. A mismatch costs a lot of energy and money. More importantly, it leads to frustration for both the employer and the employee. At the same time, there is often a feeling of resignation: it is what it is. Or, worse still: can't be helped.

At Velde, we believe that those feelings of resignation are unnecessary and undesirable. To that end, we have developed the Velde Method© for our clients and our candidates.The golden thread of this method is the exploration, specification and monitoring of expectations. It may seem obvious, but many organisations and professionals struggle with it. There is often a lot of time pressure and matches are made according to today's organisational blueprint. It is important to note that the signatures on an employment contract are merely a transaction. The document says nothing about the result.

The essence of our services is not about the signed contract, i.e. the transaction. Our focus is on the investment in the future; an investment with a clear ROI for both employer and employee. The goal is a successful organisation with successful professionals. That is why we are dropping the word “matching” from our pay-off and focusing more on this even more extensive mission.

We are looking forward to discussing it with you.

Paul Bettonviel

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