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Job and tools

A traditional recruitment procedure often begins with determining the job profile. At Velde, we do things differently. The vacancy is part of the plan to achieve your company’s ambition. The contribution to this ambition, expected of your new employee, determines what he or she will be working on. That is why we determine the “job” before the “tools”.

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From dream and ambition to assignment and tasks

Your organisation began as a dream, with goals you want to achieve and ambitions you want to realize. You can't achieve your ambition alone. For this reason you work together with employees who individually contribute to your organisation’s ambition. In other words: Everyone has their own assignment within the organisation’s master plan.

Everyone’s individual assignment determines their daily tasks. Which tasks must be completed to accomplish the assignment?

A practical example:

  • Organisation’s ambition: We want to make the world more sustainable.

  • Account manager’s assignment: Make sure Benelux customers opt for solar collectors.

  • Account manager’s tasks: Visit customers, make quotations, generate revenue.

Generating revenue is deliberately not called an assignment but a task! Revenue does not make the world more sustainable. It is the result of a well-executed assignment.

Generating revenue is an important task, however. It is the necessary fuel for the organisation's growth and for pursuing new ambitions.

Common thread

The job assignment is crucial, which is why it is the common thread running through our recruitment procedure.

1. Intake
The assignment determines the profile of the ideal candidate.
“Determine the job first, then the tools.”

2. Recruitment
The assignment moves the candidate. He or she will apply if the assignment matches their ambition.
“What’s in it for me?”

3. Selection
The candidates are compared to determine which of them is most suitable for the assignment.
“The best man for the job.”

4. After employment of the candidate
Has the candidate accomplished the assignment and made a genuine contribution to your ambition?
“What is the return on your investment?”


How do you determine your new employee’s assignment?

Step 0: Your company ambition forms the basis of the assignment.

What is your dream? What is the dot on the horizon for your organisation? That is the starting point for a job’s assignment. We are happy to help you with it. Therefore we have developed a four-step plan for our clients.

Step 1: Determine the desired result for the organisation after one year.

In this step, we are moving from long term to short term. What needs to be achieved after one year to be on track with your organisation’s ambition?

Step 2: Determine your new employee’s assignment for the first year.

In this second step, we are moving from an organisational level to an individual level. What is the desired result your new employee should have achieved after one year?

Start determining your assignment today!

Our consultants are happy to help you determine the assignment for your vacancy. Call us on +31 88 6070 100 or fill in the contact form below.

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