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Four steps to a clear ambition

Clear ambition

When we begin a dialogue with our clients , we ask them to be as clear as possible about their business ambition. How do you ensure that your organisation’s ambition is clear enough to inspire the best candidates and trigger everyone inside and outside your organisation?

Actual contribution to ambition

Why is your ambition so important? The best professionals in the world always have a choice. They choose organisations whose ambition inspires them. This enables them to make a actual contribution while achieving their own ambitions at the same time. The stronger the match between their ambition and your business ambition, the greater the effect of their contribution. That is why we also ask all our candidates to define their ambition and motivation.

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Beyond revenue and growth

In our experience, many companies are unable to express their ambition effectively. They often linger in doubling revenue and growth. That doesn’t say much about what your organisation wants to achieve in the world, but more about what it will do for you when you are reaching your ambition. More importantly: revenue and growth are not very inspiring for others.An inspiring ambition is about what you want to do for your customers. What is your dream? What is the dot on the horizon for your company? We are happy to help you with it. We have developed a four-step plan for our clients.

What four steps can you take to define your ambition clearly?

Step 1: Describe why you do what you do.

The “why” explains what your organisation wants to contribute. Simon Sinek, the inventor of the Golden Circle, explains it in this video:

Step 2: Describe how you do what you do.

What do you do differently than other companies? This is where your organisation distinguishes itself and it describes how you want to achieve the “why”.

Step 3: Describe what you do.

What you do is tangible evidence of your company’s “why’. How does your organisation earn money?

Step 4: Determine your clear ambition.

Your ambition is a combination of your organisation’s why, how and what. It describes the dot on the horizon, the thing you want to achieve. Be ambitious and dream big! Make sure you are proud of your ambition and that it inspires others.

Start determining your ambition today!

Our consultants are happy to work with you to clearly define your ambition and trigger the best professionals in the world to work in your organisation.

Call us on +31 88 6070 100 or fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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