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Looking for ROI

Everyone wants a Jack of All Trades.
So do we, but a Jack of All Trades is only worth it if they generate more than they cost. Recruitment is an investment in the organisation’s future. That makes Return on Investment an important focus for us. How do we determine the ROI? We have a clear approach for that:

The Velde Method©

Start with the end in mind”. Wise words by Stephen Covey, which we like to put into practice. That is what makes it interesting to work with us: the results are clear from the start. Your investment in time and money is in good hands with us. That is the point of the Velde Method©. The method consists of six steps.
Read more about the Velde Method©.

Our services

This method is the foundation for all our services aimed at “happy people and winning organisations”. In our recruitment processes, we recruit and select new colleagues motivated to make an important contribution to your business ambition.
Our assessment procedures identify the talents and ambitions of your current employees. We then offer recommendations on how to best use and further develop these talents to allow your business to grow further.
Read more about our recruitment and assessment procedures.

Our portfolio

We are highly enthusiastic but not entirely objective. In our portfolio, therefore, we let our clients and candidates explain the extent to which we have brought them closer to their ambitions.
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