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Only once you know what drives you can you determine what you want to achieve. We believe that motivation determines your success and job satisfaction. Every step you take should be towards your personal ambitions. The more clearly defined, the better.

The Velde Method©

You don’t need us to find a new job. You are more than capable of that yourself. What we can do is ask you critical questions about what you truly want to achieve, which can help you discover your ideal career. Start with the end in mind: What do you want to get out of the recruitment process? A positive impact on your own ambition. That is the philosophy of the Velde Method©.

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About Velde

The recruitment and selection process is people-focused work. Both you and our client’s ambitions are paramount in everything we do. The better they complement each other, the more successful the match and the greater the result for both of you. Start with the end in mind. That is why we do what we do. We believe in “great ambitions for everyone!”

"Start with the end in mind" Man Vrouw Gesprek Viadecode

The four steps of the Velde Method©

  • 1. Desired result

    You aren't looking for just any job. You want to do something meaningful. To get there, we start at the end: what do you want to get out of our recruitment process? It goes much further for us than just finding you a new job.
    Learn more about the result

  • 2. Ambition & Motivation

    Your success and job satisfaction are largely determined by your ambition and motivation. Only once you have clearly defined those can you find organisations with the same ideals.
    Learn more about Ambition & Motivation

  • 3. ​Choosing a new position

    Choose the position that will have the greatest positive impact on your ambition. What organisational ambition triggers you the most? Which assignment gives you energy? Where can you make a contribution that will bring you closer to your own ambition?
    Learn more about the choice

  • 4. Evaluating the result

    Within 12 months, we will evaluate the result with you and your new employer. Has our input brought you closer to your ambition? Was it a good investment in terms of time and effort? Our work is not complete until you can both answer these questions in the affirmative. That is the result of the Velde Method©!
    Learn more about the result

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